Questions & Answers Corner

Below is a list of the main questions we get asked in the shop.

What is the difference between Engineered Wood and Solid Wood?

Engineered wood flooring is used when there is a concrete sub floor, especially where there is a new concrete sub floor, like in new houses or houses with new extension.

Should I use Engineered or Solid Wood?

Solid wood is usually fitted by nailing, so it requires that there be wooden sub floor to fit to.

Can I fit a wood floor over underfloor heating?

Yes, but not every floor is suitable, ask one of our sales team and they will be able to advise you.

Can I use underlay on Solid Wood?

No, solid wood should always be nailed or glued. Underlay is mainly used with engineered flooring or laminate.

What guarantee or waranty do I get with a new floor?

Almost all of our floors come with a manufacturers warranty, this will cover any structural or wear layer defects. The products we sell rarely have problems, but should any arise we can help in resolving these issues.

Will the floor have many knots visable?

This depends on the quality and type of floor oyu purchase, a floor with knots in it is refered to as a rustic grade or ABCD grade, flooring with none or virtually no knots is called a prime or AB grade. Rustic floors are at the cheaper end of the pricing scale and Prime or AB grade are at the top end of the pricing scale.

What does "Floating a Floor" mean?

A floating floor is where we lay the new floor on top of an underlay.

Do I have to remove the old flooring before I have a new floor installed?

If you are happy with the additional height that the new flooring will add then no, but a survey will be required to confirm this. Our surveys and quotes are free.

Do I have to move out when the flooring is being installed?

No, however, it may be better to not be around while we are doing the work, especially if you have any breathing problems.

Will there be alot of dust when the flooring is being installed?

There will be some dust, but not alot.

Do the rooms have to be empty before you come to fit the new flooring?

Yes, the rooms must be empty for us to install the flooring, however, if there is a large sofa we can move this to one side and move it back when that area is fitted. If it is a bespoke staining installation then all areas need to be clear.

Do you fit flooring that we have not bought from you?

No, we only fit flooring we have supplied as we know the quality is good.

How much is it to fit a floor?

We only sell good quality flooring and the prices vary from £32 up as far as £70, it all depends on the style you want and of course your budget.

How long does it take to fit a floor?

As a guide we estimate it takes a day to fit 20m2. Hallways and Stairs take longer to do as there is more precision cutting involved.

Feel free to call on 0208 949 7848 or email us at with any other questions you may have