Terms & Conditions V1.5



– “Customer” shall be the person who accepts a quotation for the installation of the goods

– “Goods” shall be the products that the Customer is to supply for wood floor installation.

– “Contract” shall be the Invoice or Receipt produced on the sale of Products and Services offered by the Company

– “Company” shall be Hampshire Barnes Ltd trading as The Wood Flooring Shop

– “Completion” shall be the final date at which the wood floor installation is completed.

– “Fitter” shall be the person sent by the Company to fit the floor

– “Price” is the total price for the services offered by the Company

– “Services” shall be the wood floor installation work carried out by the Company on behalf of the Customer

– “Products” shall be the wood flooring products sold by the Company

2.0 Basis of the sale

(a) The Company shall sell and the Customer shall purchase the Products and Services as detailed in the Contract and mutually agreed by the Company and the Customer. The Customer shall read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before agreeing to any services offered by the Company. By agreeing to the services offered you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If the Customer has any confusion over any of the Terms and Conditions, he/she must clarify this before they agree to the Services.

(b) The Customer’s payment and/or signature on the Contract constitutes as a legally binding order by the Customer

(c) Only the work detailed in the Contract will be carried out by the Company. Any additional works carried out will be at an additional cost agreed with the customer prior to wood floor installation.

(d) Wood Variation – The product chosen by the customer is chosen from a small sample, the customer is aware that wood is a natural product and therefore the flooring they have purchased may have more variation than the sample they have seen in our shop.

(e) Supply/Sale Only – We only offer a manufacturer’s warranty on the products we sell. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the product is installed as per the manufacturer’s installation instructions, failure to do so could invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

3.0 Price

(a) The Customer shall agree to pay the Company the Price as mutually agreed on the written Contract. The price shall remain fixed for 90 days from the date of the Contract. The Company reserves the right to change the prices of its services from time to time to reflect the change in living costs.

(b) The price quoted overleaf is on the agreement that the Fitter will find no faults or hindrances before fitting takes place. Any unforeseen obstacles could result in the termination of the Contract or new Pricing. The Company reserves the right to amend the Contract by the net amount of any extra costs arising or incurred by the Company occurring before completion of the works as specified in the Contract.

4.0 Terms of Payment

(a) All supply only purchases shall be paid in full at point of placing order.

(b) All returns or refunds carry a 20% handling charge.

(c) All contracts that include installation shall be paid for in 2 installments. 90% at the time of ordering to secure the product and fitting date and the final 10% upon wood floor installation completion, paid to the fitter on satisfactory completion.

(d) Should our Fitter deem that the wood floor installation cannot be completed because of structural problems, damp or rooms not cleared etc.


  1. a full refund minus 20% handling and service charge will be given or
  2. The Fitter will recommend how to rectify the problem and, on agreement with the Customer, the deposit will be kept until a time when the floor can be fitted.

iii. a charge of £250 plus VAT will be incurred for wasted time and wages and is payable prior to arranging another installation date.

(e) In the event that any of the installments are not paid within seven days of the due date, the whole of the balance of the Price shall become immediately due together with interest thereon. Interest shall accrue on any outstanding balance at the rate of 5% per annum above the current base rate until payment in full is made.

5.0 Wood Floor Installation and Completion

(a) Installation of the Goods shall be undertaken by the Company strictly in accordance with the Contract and these terms and conditions.

(b) The Customer must ensure all rooms are cleared prior to wood floor installation unless costed for in the Contract or Quotation. If rooms are not cleared, the Company takes no responsibility for damage that may occur to furniture, walls, doors etc as a result of the Fitter having to clear the rooms. The Fitter reserves the right to refuse to fit the floor due to the rooms not being cleared. The Company will then arrange another time for the Fitter to return to fit the floor.

(c) Completion of the Contract shall take place on completion of the wood floor installation and the Customer will sign off the work. Once signoff has occurred you are legally binded by these Terms and Conditions. If there are any disputes with the work carried out by the Fitter, the work must not be signed off. Signoff is at the Customers discretion. Any scratches and marks found on the floor that have been caused by the fitter will only be rectified if pointed out to the Fitter before the Customer has signed off the work. Any scratches found after this time i.e after the fitter has left the site, will be assumed to be the fault of the Customer and will not be rectified.

(d) Any changes to the original Contract will be agreed and signed off by the Customer before they are carried out. Any disputes after this Sign off will not be rectified.

(e) Due to the cost of loading and landfill tax, carpets and old flooring that is uplifted in order for the new floor to be laid will not be removed by the fitter. All waste produced from the installation will be bagged and made ready for the Customer to dispose of.

(f) It is the Customers responsibility to make sure the sub floor is in the correct condition to lay on. It is recommended a full survey of the floor is carried out by a qualified surveyor prior to wood floor installation. If a survey is not carried out the Company accepts no responsibility for any movement etc to the floor as a result of damp or uneven flooring.

6.0 Company’s and Customer’s rights to cancel

(a) The Customer has the right to cancel the Contract within 7 days of the date of signing without any penalty, unless part of the Contract or Services are carried out within that 7 days, such as goods have been ordered or on site preparation works have been carried out.

(b) Any cancellations received after 7 days of the date on the Contract are at the discretion of the Company. Should any cancellation be accepted, cancellation charges may be applicable.

(c) The Company has the right to cancel this Contract at any time on 7 days written notice to the Customer.

(d) Cancellation charges are 20% of the contract and/or services.

7.0 Warranties and Liabilities

(a) All installation services are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of wood floor installation. Material is only guaranteed against any fitting faults and not any faults in the wood.

(b) The Company shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any defect arising from damp, subsidence or building movement. It is the Customers responsibility to get the sub floor checked by a qualified surveyor prior to installation and to make sure the sub floor is in the correct condition to lay on.

(c) The Company shall be under no liability under the above warranty, condition or guarantee if the Price of the Contract is not paid on the due date from the date that the payment is due until such a time as the Price is paid in full. The Customer’s statutory rights are not affected. If the Customer has any doubts as to their statutory rights they should seek independent legal advice.

(d) The company takes no responsibility for installations fitted upon areas heated by under floor heating. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the product they are purchasing is compatible with their under floor heating system and to initiate the heating system gradually so as not to cause any boards to crack. Cracking boards will occur if the under floor heating system has been turned on too high too quickly.

(e) The company takes no responsibility for any defects found with the products supplied once they have been fitted or used. Any defects found prior to installation then the Company will seek to have the defective items replaced, if the manufacturer confirms it is a defect. Any defects found by the Customer after installation has occurred should be taken up direct with the manufacturer, which the Company will provide details for. The company shall not be liable for any additional, or third party,  costs other than replacing the defective Goods, any other costs will be incurred by the Customer.

8.0 General

(a) This Contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the U.K courts and constructed according to relevant UK law.

(b) The company reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. This will not affect the Terms and Conditions that are agreed by the Customer at the time of sale.

By reading this document you are confirming that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.